Hurting for a Hospital?

In most places around the country there are two types of hospitals, and Las Vegas is no different. They aren’t divided by procedures or quality, but by function. You hope that you and your family will stay healthy, without any life-threatening accidents or illnesses, but it never hurts to be prepared.


Full-Service Hospitals

A full-service hospital is very similar to the one you see on TV medical dramas. It has patient and operating rooms, an Intensive Care Unit (ICU), a cancer ward, and the building has lots of windows. A full-service hospital is basically all things to all patients. From delivering a baby in the obstetrics department to fitting a cast in the emergency room, a full-service hospital will be able to take care of your family’s every need.

All Las Vegas full-service hospitals are staffed with both competent and caring doctors and nurses who want to take care of you and your family.

Specialty Hospitals

However, there are special cases that a regular full-service hospital can’t take care of. While full-service hospitals take care of the whole person, specialty hospitals are able to spend time on specialized health conditions. They can take a closer look and since they are trained in a specific discipline, are better able to diagnose and treat rare medical problems.

Specialty hospitals might focus on a particular demographic, too, like children or veterans. They may serve the entire community, or may focus only on specific areas like cancer, dialysis, heart surgery, or rehabilitation.